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Loison Frutta + Fiore Rosa 600g

Loison Frutta + Fiore Rosa 600g

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Our Panettone Rosa is made with a blend of different roses, including the Damask Rose. Cultivated since the time of the Persians, this variety is renowned for its intoxicating and delicate scent. Every year, in the Rose Valley of Bulgaria – a region protected by mountains – beautiful roses in full bloom are harvested by hand from May to June. The roses are picked in the early morning, so to preserve all their floral nuances. With over 400 aromatic substances, the Damask Rose is aptly called the Queen of Roses. To make this Panettone, the Damask Rose is combined with a carefully calibrated syrup infused with Ligurian Roses (a Slow Food Presidium). The recipe for the rose syrup is based on an old and celebrated tradition that dates back to the 1600s. According to the Presidium, the syrup is made using the petals of roses grown with sustainable cultivation methods, far from any source of pollution.

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