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San Pellegrino Clementina 4 x 330ml Cans

San Pellegrino Clementina 4 x 330ml Cans

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Sanpellegrino Clementina is a delicately sweet and fragrant all-natural citrus drink with the unmistakable flavour of quality clementines that will brighten up your moments the fun, Italian way. Made with 100% natural ingredients, this premium drink brings together an authentic blend of citrus fruits picked at their juicy, fresh best, ripened under the Mediterranean sun.

A pleasing yellow with green undertones in appearance, and with an intense bouquet of fresh clementine, Sanpellegrino Clementina is just like how you remember your most vibrant clementine and its burst of zest in the warm air released from its deep orange peel.

Take a sip and be instantly charmed by its soft, sweet taste with full, 100% natural citrus flavour and delightful scent of clementine. Savour the taste that fills your palate thanks to its fine bubbles, leaving you with a hint of sweetness balanced with a light acidity.

Sanpellegrino Clementina is best served cold at 6-8° C. Garnish with orange peel, fresh mandarin or star anise to elevate the various nuances of this authentic drink.

Available in easy-to-store sleek 33cl cans to complement any occasion, to indulge yourself or to share in moments of togetherness.

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