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TweedVale Traditional Milk 2L

TweedVale Traditional Milk 2L

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Pasteurised and 100% non-homogenised, Tweedvale’s milk is picked up every morning from local Adelaide Hills dairy farms and processed fresh every day in the Lobethal processing plant. 

The cows are fed a perfectly balanced diet of dry feed and green grass all year round and they live happy, content, and stress free lives. The milk that they produce is consistently creamy and provides the full body, texture and flavour that real milk should always have, every time.

Tweedvale Traditional Milk contains no additives or thickeners, it is a full fat milk  – as close to natural as possible.

Having won multiple gold medals, awards and recognition, Tweedvale Traditional Milk is a favourite in cafes, restaurants and homes around South Australia.

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